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Q. How fast do you ship supplies & machines? 

A. NC Supplies and machines will ship within 24 hours of receipt.  In most cases, orders placed before 2PM Eastern will ship that same day.

Q. How quickly do you perform sewing machine repairs?

A.  Within 24 hours of receipt, machine repairs will be performed and shipped.  

Q.  What is the return policy on products?

A.  Unopened and unused carpet binding tyapes, serging yarns, & rug fringes can returned for a full credit within 30 days of purchase.    

Q.  What is the return policy on new machines & tools? 

A.  New machines and tools can be returned within 10 business for a credit providing they are unused and returned in new condition.  

Q.  How many years has NC been in business?

A.  Since 1947 when founders Joseph Caplan & Mal Maher started the NWK Caplan Brand.  In 1953 they started NC Carpet Binding & in 1959 revolutionized the industry with the 1st ever bobbin-less carpet binding machine.

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