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Aircraft Carpet Sergers

  • USA Made Carpet Serging Machines
  • Invented in 2004 To Serge Aircraft Carpet
  • Sews Auto Mats, RV Carpet, & Mats
  • Sews inside turns, seat tracks, radiuses

Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model NCPS
NC Portable Carpet SergerFamous 81200 mainframe in a portable versionThe NC Portable Carpet Serger will serge any carpet or rug style.  It’s built on our table model 81200 Mainframe.  This machine provides table model strength in a portable setup.  Take it on the jobsite and serge rug..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model 81200AIR
Aircraft Carpet Serger NC’s Top Gun for aicraft interiors & Auto Mat Carpet SergerHow to sew aircraft carpet?  The 81200AIR Ultimate Cornering Carpet Serger is custom designed to sew aircraft interiors that encounter difficult inside turns, seat tracks, and radius's.  It’s built o..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model: 81200AIR-RFWB
Ultimate Cornering Carpet Serger  Rug Serger For Acute Angles, Inside Turns The USA Made 81200AIR-RFWB carpet serger with tape underlay is designed for all carpet serging workrooms, aircraft interiors, and auto mats.  If you serge area rugs and are looking for a machine to tackle t..
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