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Table Model Carpet Binders

  • Faster Than Portable Carpet Binders
  • Bind 1000's of Feet Without Changing Tape
  • How To Bind Carpet Fast, USA Made
  • Bobbinless Carpet Binding Machines
Brand: NC Binder Model: Model TPB
Bobbinless Table Model Carpet BinderMade In The USA, NC FlagshipOur USA Made TPB Carpet Binder is bobbinless, self-oiling, and easily the world’s most capable carpet binding machine.  This table model carpet binder applies all carpet binding tape borders and binds 4-5 times faster than bobbin t..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model SB II
Cove Base & Carpet Sample Binding MachineWorld’s Fastest Carpet Binding MachineBind 3600 Feet Per Hour The all new SBII is the world’s fastest carpet cove base binding machine.  It binds at a rate of 60 feet per minute, thus providing 3600 feet of bound carpet base in an hour. The ..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model 81200S
NC 81200S Extra Heavy Duty Carpet BinderUSA Made, Built To Last A LifetimeOur USA Made 81200S extra heavy-duty carpet binder was developed in 1998 to combat tough sisals and berbers. This double puller, bobbinless machine is able to bind any carpet effortlessly.  It's rear mounted puller is dri..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model BAC
Binds Acute Angles, Radiuses, & Inside Turns:- Designed for Aircraft, Auto Mat, Marine & RV applicationsOur Ultimate Cornering model BAC is designed to bind tough inside corners, radiuses, and 180 degree turns with ease.  Made in the USA, this unit is engineered to bind difficult angles..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model NC1508NH-B
Heavy Duty Walking Foot Carpet Binder- Binding aircraft carpet, auto mats, marine carpet, RV carpetThe NC1508NHB is an extra heavy duty lockstitch, walking foot carpet binder that’s custom set to attach binding tape to auto mats, aircraft, marine, and RV Carpet.  This unit manuevers acute angl..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Twin Needle Carpet Binder
Twin Needle Carpet BinderUSA Made NC Innovation- 2019The NC2 is a one of a kind twin needle, four thread carpet binding machine.  It applies wide border tape to the edge of an area rug with twin needle stitching.  Equipped with 4 threads, this unit generates two different stitch finishes. ..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model SBAII
Automated Carpet Sample Binding MachineBinds carpet samples in secondsThe programmable, automated SBAII applies binding tape to all four edges of any carpet sample and cuts the tail in seconds.  An average operator will complete over 1500 samples in an 8-hour work day. These bobbinless machines..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model 81200SM
Machine Mitered Carpet Corners In SecondsMiter corners perfectly with no skill requiredThe 81200SM generates sewn mitered carpet corners in seconds. It miters our 3” and 5” wide border tapes or you may employ your own tapes. In addition to mitering, you may perform all your standard carpet binding j..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model NC206B
Walking Foot Carpet Binder - Binding Auto Mats, Aviation Carpet, RV, Marine, etc.The NC206B is a lockstitch walking foot carpet binding machine that’s equipped with a large bobbin, reverse lever, and is self-oiling. Set up on 11/4” tape, the 206B has many uses. It’s designed to bind tough insid..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model FTW
Applies Pre-Made Rug Fringe In One Step- The industry's only dedicated rug fringe machineThe NC FTW rug fringe sewing machine applies premade rug fringe to the carpet border in one step.   This dedicated carpet fringe sewing machine is bobbinless, self oiling, and built to last a life..
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