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Portable Turf Sewing Machines

  • Union Special 2200G, 2200GA, 2200M18
  • Electric Hand-held Sewing Machines
  • Cordless Sewing Machine
  • USA Made by Union Special

Portable turf sewing machines models Union Special 2200G, Union Special 2200GA, and cordless sewing machine model Union Special 2200M18.  These units are lightweight, easy to transport, and are most often employed to sew geo-synthetics, sports turf, & bag closing.

Brand: Union Special Model: 2200M18 Union Special
Battery Operated Sewing Machine- Sew synthetic turf cordless- Sew geosynthetics cordlessThe Union Special 2200M18 is a battery operated sewing machine available to sew turf fields, geosynthetic applicatoins, and bag closing applications. The unit is made on the USA on Union Special’s tried &am..
Brand: Union Special Model: Union Special 2200 G
Union Special 2200G Sewing Machine- Portable sewing machine for turf, geosyntheticsThe Union Special 2200G is a portable sewing machine employed to sew synthetic turf, closing bags, geosynthetic applications, tarps, covers, landfills, etc.  The Union Special 2200G is made in the USA, heavy..
Brand: Union Special Model: Union Special 2200 GA
Union Special 2200GA Sewing Machine- 220 volts Overseas voltage- Portable sewing machine for turf, geosyntheticsThe 220Volts Union Special 2200GA is made in the USA, heavy duty, lightweight, and easy to use.  It's the industry's go to portable sewing machine for geosynthetics and synt..
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