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Tools for synthethetic turf field construction include Rasor sports turf cutters, hand-held shears, Union Special portable sewing machines for sports turf field installations.

Brand: NC Carpet Model: Millennium Turf Binder
Apply Binding Tape To Golf & Turf MatsBind 1000’s of feet without changing threadOur portable ‘ NC Millennium Turf Binder’ will apply a tape border to any mat in 1 step. It’s portable and powered by 4 independently driven pulling mechanisms (3 clutch driven pullers + Bottom Feeder). This 4x4 des..
Brand: Rasor Model: Model Speedcut 2
Synthetic Turf Cutting ToolRasor SpeedCut The Rasor Speedcut is perfect for cutting synthetic turf, track, carpet, vinyl, pad, & leather on the job.  It’s lightweight, able to cut slight curves, and is equipped with a push button sharpening system.  The Speedcut ensures precise cu..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model NC311 110V
Carpet Sheep Shear ToolThe NC311 is the simplest, most affordable tool for shearing high piled carpet or turf.  This electric carpet shear allows you to shear your carpet edge to desired height and angle, thus enabling you to apply an edging. Protective teeth on the NC311 won't allow you to dam..
Brand: Rasor Model: Model TT702
Heavy Duty Cordless Carpet Cutter18 volt lithium ion carpet cutter by RasorThe TT702/703 is a heavy duty cordless carpet cutter that’s powered by an 18volt rechargeable battery.  This unit comes equipped with a battery, charger, push button sharpener, & hardened plastic carry case. To date ..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model PNUC
Pneumatic Air Portable Carpet CutterThis pneumatic air driven carpet cutter weighs less than 2 pounds.  The PNUC hand held carpet cutter is able to cut any rug with ease. This unit will not bog down or slow down.  Equipped with a self sharpening blade, the PNUC is so industrial it is curre..
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