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High Speed Sewing Machines
300U Factory Sewing Machines

  1. Increase Production Exponentially 
  2. Greatly Reduce Part Replacment Costs
  3. Replaces Singer 300W & Singer 300U
The Bobbinless 300U sewing machines for contract sewing workrooms and high volume sewing operations.  300U sewing machines provide a dramatic increase in speed & reduction of part replacement/downtime.  Made in Japan & built for all day sewing.
Brand: NC Carpet Model: NC 300U101B
HIGH SPEED PRODUCTION SEWING MACHINE- 300U Sewing Machine For The FactoryThe NC 300U101B is a heavy duty compound bobbinless needle feed sewing machine.  It is available in both single needle and multi-needle setups.  There's a wide variety of multi-needle gauges.  This factory sewing..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: NC 300U194A
FACTORY SEWING MACHINE WORKHORSE- High Speed Walking Foot Bobbinless Sewing Machine- 300U Sewing Machine:  Built for multiple daily sewing shiftsThe NC 300U194A is a heavy duty walking foot sewing machine that built for factory sewing workrooms. Built for high volume sewing production, this bob..
Brand: NC Carpet Model: Model NC300US
How to sew face masks fast. This NC sewing machine will sew face masks, surgical masks, and hospital gowns faster and more efficiently than any other sewing machine on the market. It’s not only fast, but also bobbinless. This allows you to sew 1000’s of feet without changing thread. It’s mad..
Brand: NC Binder Model: Model 300S
Tape Edge Sewing Machine For Mattresses - 300U sewing machine: Model 300SHigh lift, Bobbinless, ChainstitchCompound feed, automatic oilingBuilt to sew multiple daily shifts8mm max stitch lengthCan be fitted to any mattress sewing workstationSew mattresses, tents, sleeping bags, etc.Made in Japan, R..
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