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Brand: Rasor Model: SW108600 sharpening Stones
Replacement set of sharpening Stones for Speedcut and Speedcut2..
Brand: Rasor Model: TT702 Spare Battery
Spare Battery for the TT702 Electric Cordless Cutter ..
Brand: Rasor Model: Spare Blades for the TT702
Spare Blades for the TT702 Electric Cordless Cutter ..
Brand: Rasor Model: Model Speedcut 2
SPEEDUCT 2The Industry's Most Powerful Hand-held Carpet CutterThe Speedcut 2 is perfect for cutting carpet, vinyl, pad, turf, & leather on the job.  We initially offered this cutter to our Turf & Track Clients.  A few carpet clients tried it and were blown away with its easy of cu..
Brand: Rasor Model: Model Speedcut 2
Synthetic Turf Cutting ToolRasor SpeedCut The Rasor Speedcut is perfect for cutting synthetic turf, track, carpet, vinyl, pad, & leather on the job.  It’s lightweight, able to cut slight curves, and is equipped with a push button sharpening system.  The Speedcut ensures precise cu..
Brand: Rasor Model: Model TT702
Heavy Duty Cordless Carpet Cutter18 volt lithium ion carpet cutter by RasorThe TT702/703 is a heavy duty cordless carpet cutter that’s powered by an 18volt rechargeable battery.  This unit comes equipped with a battery, charger, push button sharpener, & hardened plastic carry case. To date ..
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