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BT207 Machine thread
BT207 Machine thread


Bonded nylon thread for all walking feet available in colors

AREA RUG SERGER SEWING MACHINENC Flagship Carpet Serger, Made In The USA“ We spend the same time on the job and make 3-5 times more profit with our se..
Three Thread Carpet Serger / Overlocker 81200 Carpet Serger  Stock Table Set-up The NC81200 Carpet Serger is equipped with three total th..
Aircraft Carpet Serger NC’s Top Gun for aicraft interiors & Auto Mat Carpet SergerHow to sew aircraft carpet?  The 81200AIR Ultimate Cor..
Ultimate Cornering Carpet Serger  Rug Serger For Acute Angles, Inside Turns The USA Made 81200AIR-RFWB carpet serger with tape underlay is de..
860 Carpet SergerThe NC860 serger is ideal for light to medium weighted carpets. It operates at a high speed, is self oiling, and designed to increase..
Left Hand Carpet Serger- World's only left hand rug sergerThe NC860L is the world's only small left handed serger and is ideal for light to medium wei..
Butt Seam Serger - 860 Butt King Serger This machine includes the features of Model 860, but is designed to temporally join the butted edges..
Lightweight Netting Sewing Machine- Sew drawstring bags, Sew Mosquito Nets- Overlocks fine netsThe 860N Netting Machine is specifically designed to se..
860TF Carpet Serger With PullerRear puller system  Model 860TF is a high speed carpet serger equipped with a roller top feed rear puller. Th..
Light-Medium Duty Rug Serger Rear puller system + Trimming Knives   Model 860KTF is a high speed carpet serger equipped with a top feed..
Midweight Carpet Serging Machine Binds FirstHigh speed, self oiling serger with upper roller feed and tape attachment. This unit applies binding befor..
High Speed Carpet Serger252 Rug Serger The NC252 is a high speed carpet serger overlocker is employed by carpet mills and high volume custom ca..
Twin Needle Upholstery Sewing Machine- Various Gauges Available, 2 Year Limited WarrantyOur heavy duty twin needle upholstery walking foot sewing mach..
Single Needle Upholstery Sewing Machine-  #1 Rated walking foot sewing machine in the world.-  Made in Japan, Fully Assembled , Sewn Off &am..
Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machine- 7 Class Sewing Machine ( replaces Singer 7 Class )The NC7 is the world’s most industrial lock-stitch sewing mach..
Netting Sewing MachineAttaches tape to netsAttaches tape to windscreensThe 81200SN is employed by workrooms that attach tape to the edge of any net ..
Bobbinless Portable Nosing Sewing MachineWeighs only 30 lbs, Easy To Use, & FastThe M-Nosing machine is designed to attach rubber nosing reducer t..
25” Long Arm Twin Needle Sewing Machine- Various Gauges Available, 2 Year Limited WarrantyThe NC11L double needle, compound walking foot long arm has ..
Portable Entrance Mat Sewing MachineUSA Made Entrance Mat Sewing Machine This USA Made, portable entrance mat sewing machine attaches rubber nosi..
Net Sewing MachineThe 81200TF Netting Machine is equipped with a close couple rear puller for optimal pulling power. It’s capable of attaching rope ..
NC P3G Geosynthetic SewerDurable, Portable Sewing MachineSew geosynthetic applications on the jobsite.  P3G Features:- Bobbinless, Fast, Str..
Industrial Upholstery Sewing Machine1508 Class Walking Foot Sewing Machine-  2 year limited warranty & fully assembled -  Vertical ..
JUKI 1508N SEWING MACHINEHeavy Duty Walking Foot  - Vertical hook walking foot- Large Bobbin, Self-Oiling- 1 year limited warranty- Complete..
REVOLUTIONARY HAND-MADE RUG SERGER- Portable & Table Model Setups AvailableThe HS is our all new, revolutionary machine designed to emulate t..
25" Long Arm Sewing Machine-  Heavy Duty 1508 Sewing Machine Long ArmThe NC1508L25 is an extra heavy duty compound feed 25" walkin..
Heavy Duty Walking Foot Carpet Binder- Binding aircraft carpet, auto mats, marine carpet, RV carpetThe NC1508NHB is an extra heavy duty lockstitch, w..
Portable Serger Starter PackageNCPS $8500 Serger needles  $75 10 spools yarn $300 10 cones thread $300Cotton yarn color chart $35Wool yarn..
NC Portable Carpet SergerFamous 81200 mainframe in a portable versionThe NC Portable Carpet Serger will serge any carpet or rug style.  It’s buil..
S10 NEEDLE THREAD AND LOWER LEFT HAND LOOPER THREAD FOR ALL 860 CLASS SERGERSMachine thread (11 colors to choose from) 16/4 Cotton Thread For 860..
S25 Thread
Online Only
Thread 81200 (10 colors to choose from)12/4 Cotton Overlock thread f/ 3 thread 81200-812-820..
3/4" Cotton Binding Tapes for custom rugs.NC Cotton Binding TapeWorld's Largest Line Of Cotton Tapes75 Colors Available in 3/4" 432 Feet Per Pack..
POLYESTER CARPET BINDING TAPEWorld's Most Wide Used Line- 160 Colors Available- Available 7/8" & 11/4"- 432 Feet Per Package (2 Rolls)- Great All ..
5" Carpet Binding Tape by NC..The NC 5" Executive Line is the thickets, highest end wide border carpet binding tape line in the world.  This wide..
3" Carpet Binding Tape by NC:  3" EXECUTIVE LINEOur 3" Executive line carpet binding tape is the thickets, highest end wide border carpet binding..
World's Largest & Most Affordable 5" Tape Line25 Yards/75 Feet Per RollAvailable in 52 ColorsGorgeous Uniform PatternNo splices guaranteedPerfect ..
CARPET BEVELER 'The Carpet Binder’s Best Friend'Shear Rugs On Exact Height & Angle In A Single Pass The USA Made NC Portable Carpet Beveler shea..
Shears The Carpet Surface- Removes uneven pile height, pilling, & fuzzies- Restores carpet color & clarity. The NCS Top Shear is designed..
SPEEDUCT 2The Industry's Most Powerful Hand-held Carpet CutterThe Speedcut 2 is perfect for cutting carpet, vinyl, pad, turf, & leather on the jo..
Heavy-Duty Electric Carpet Glue GunThe GG is an extra heavy duty glue gun designed to pump glue at a rapid rate. N-C Glue Guns apply industrial hot me..
Air Driven Carpet CarverThe PDC-4A1 is made entirely in the United States and is designed to withstand multiple daily shift use. It is unquestionably ..
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